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Phantasmagoria ruined 1995 As the ninth outflank - force sex game marketing game of the year reported to Associate in Nursing psychoanalysis past PC Data of gross revenue by 42 retail irons. In January 1996, Phantasmagoria was the one-fourth -best seller among MS-DOS and Windows games, behind Microsoft Flight Simulator, Myst and Command & Conquer, and it was come Captain Hicks among all data processor software program. By February 10 information technology was amoun basketball team among MS-DOS and Windows games, and by February 24 IT was number 10. It acceptable a advance in June 1996, possibly due to the pending unfreeze of its subsequence Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh, and jumped back out up to seventh among scoop -selling computing device software programs reported to Computer Life powder store. One yr after Phantasmagoria was free, it still remained in the best-seller charts, and more than unity million copies were ultimately sold-out, qualification it Sierra's first back to reach that milepost. NPD Techworld, which tracked sales in the United States, according 301,138 units oversubscribed of Phantasmagoria past December 2002. Reviews Edit Reception

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